Track Day Pictures (and others)

Rockingham track day - August 20th 2003

Rockingham track evening - June 2003

California Superbike School - Cadwell Park June 2003

Cadwell Park, September 2002 (Quick Quacks do Cadwell)

Sarah's wheelie
Sarah at Chris Curve
Sarah going for it at Charlies
Steve and Yoav
Steve looking mean...
...and in the thick of the action at Mansfield

Cadwell Park, July 2002 (Ixion@Cadwell)

Does my bum look big in this?
Sarah at the hairpin
...and again
Sarah at Mansfield
Sarah wheelying up the Mountain
Steve at the hairpin
Steve at Mansfield
...and again
Steve going for it down the straight

Cadwell Park, June 2000 (Ixion@Cadwell)

Sarah at the hairpin with Russell watching
At the hairpin and the pegs are closer
Another hairpin shot of Sarah
And another one ... again with Russell in pursuit
Amanda at the hairpin
Chris Webb at the hairpin
Chris Webb knee down at the hairpin
Helen at the hairpin
Sarah going for it on the Mountain straight
Sarah going up the Mountain
Sarah going up the Mountain (again)
Sarah at Mansfield
Helen on the Mountain
Helen, Chris and Amanda on the Mountain
Sarah goes into Hall Bends
Sarah at Hall Bends (again)
Amanda on the Mountain
Chris doing a wheelie (intentional, of course!)
And another one!

Cadwell Park, May 1999 (Sonof Ixion@Cadwell)

A bit tentative...
Approaching the Gooseneck
Straightening up after Mansfield
Failing to wheelie on the Mountain

Cadwell Park, July 1999 (SonofIxion2@Cadwell)

Going for it at Mansfield
Bits of my bike touched on a previous lap, although not quite on this lap!

Mallory Park, August 1999 (Ladies only sessions)

In the pits, looking ready to go...
Devil's elbow and about to nail it
Dicing at Devil's elbow
Racing on exit of Bus Stop
Lake Esses...looking a bit of a wimp here..
The Hairpin and my knee is nowhere near touching :-(

Just another bike picture

Me and my GPZ

Sarah and Mei Ling with furry dice

Getting blown away by the wind
And it was freezing that day as well!

Sarah alone

Trying the black leather for size...